5 Ways to Find Out If a Franchise Business May Be Right for You

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Are you the right kind of person to start up a franchise opportunity? Look at our 5 hints below to see how you measure up:

1. Do you like the idea of operating a proven business?

If the answer is positive then a franchise opportunity is simply that… a business idea which has been proven and found to be effective. Quite simply, you benefit from somebody else’s time and effort in trying and testing out a viable business structure. Should the reply be that you simply enjoy the challenge of taking a commercial idea of your own design and testing it for yourself, then a franchise may not be what you’re seeking.

2. Are you a Leader or perhaps a Follower?

If you tend to be a follower and you are happy to go along with other peoples ideas, then a franchise opportunity could well be suitable for you. One of the most crucial aspects of a franchise business is that the franchise system is ‘followed’ as meticulously as possible so that it can be successful. If, however, you prefer to adopt the lead position, invent some of your own concepts and others have a tendency to follow your lead, you may find a franchise opportunity cramps your entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Are you willing to learn?

A central part of adhering to a successful formula will likely be to learn how it really works in and out; getting educated on the processes and business procedures which will help you operate the enterprise effectively. Fortunately, the majority of franchisors provide training as an integral part of the franchise package. If you’re keen to master new methods and business processes, even though they might go against how you might have done comparable duties before, then you could potentially find a franchise business suitable.

4. Do you think you’re willing to work hard?

This is certainly an issue that could apply to any business endeavor regardless of whether its it is a franchise or a traditional business model. Do not be fooled into thinking that a tried and tested system guarantees that it’ll be successful regardless of whether you work hard or not. Like an engine, the tested approach needs to be driven for it to accomplish anything; the harder you propel it forward, the greater progress you could make. The important thing here is not really the work itself, but understanding that operating your own venture could involve a good deal more time and effort than simply doing a regular job where you arrive at 9.00am and leave at 5.00pm. Not surprisingly you will discover different types of franchise which will control the kind of work you’ll do. A white collar business opportunity, for example might involve longer hours working from your desk, where as a van based business could indicate you are out visiting clients a lot or working more using your hands. Particularly in the early stages, you might find yourself needing to work more time and putting in one hundred and fifty percent energy to be successful. But you will have the satisfaction and pay back of building up your own business.

5. Do you have access to spare capital to invest in starting up a business?

Every business enterprise needs a quantity of capital in order to get off the ground. Depending on the franchise business decided on, you will find a varying startup fee paid to the franchisor which could be as small as a few thousand pounds or it may run into tens of thousands. You will also need working finance to start the business; getting hold of business premises if needed, initial supplies, etc. Even if you don’t hold much yourself, it may be you have a family member that might wish to make an investment or you can just ask the franchise department of one of the major high street banks that specialise in financing franchise startups.

Naturally the five tips above aren’t designed to be inflexible and fixed rules; everybody is different! It’s made to be a general guide or rule of thumb which may offer an indicator to whether a franchise business may be suitable for you. If the answers were overridingly negative it might indicate that you would discover that operating a franchise business challenging or conflicting. If you feel that you can get over those challenges, running a franchise can still be a possible choice, and something you might look at. If your responses were generally positive then its highly probable that you might well take pleasure in running a franchise business and it might be time to start a search for your franchise match.


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